7 affordable travel tips to stay within your vacation budget

By : Dealbuddy Admin
Last Updated : 22 Jul 2024

With a mortgage or maybe kids, dropping everything to jet set around the world just isn’t in the cards – or in our budget. If our resources can't withstand the strain of a lavish vacation right now, though, discovering solutions to travel on a budget may not be as difficult as it sounds. It only takes careful preparation, smart solutions, and a willingness to think outside the box when it comes to holiday options.

Traveling is a real treat, and being able to do it on a budget makes it much more accessible. Here are some travel hacks to help you receive the vacation you deserve while staying within your budget.

Budget Before you Book

Before you plan your trip, make a budget for your vacation - lodgings and flights will most likely be the largest costs. Go on a weekday (Monday thru Friday), flights and hotels offer cheaper pricing throughout the week due to decreased occupancy, and if you book for more than two nights in a hotel, you may obtain a better deal, beverage, and food specials.

Pack Properly

Make sure you carry everything you'll need to avoid having to go shopping while you're away.  Wherever you go, take at least an extra pair of clothing, a waterproof jacket, and a warm sweater with you, in case weather turns out to be not so favorable. 

To be safe, do your work on weight restrictions and luggage size before you pack, and stick to the guidelines. Of course, flying during travel comes with a slew of additional costs.

Travel During the Off-Season

If you have a flexible schedule, traveling during the off-season might save you a lot of money. As an extra bonus, you'll be able to enjoy less crowded sites and a less stressful experience throughout.

Holiday seasons differ per place, but in general, visiting during the holiday breaks or during summer months means spending extra on the airline, petrol, and lodging.

Early fall and early in the year are often the finest seasons to travel. Tropical places, on the other hand, may be busier at the start of the year, when travellers seek a break from the cold. 

When school's out, kid-friendly places are generally busier. While winter may appear to be the best time to travel, keep an eye out for seasonal price increases around Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Be Prepared to Share

If you're willing to stay in a dorm at a guesthouse with a shared toilet, you'll save tons of cash on lodging when traveling. If you have other close relatives who are planning vacations, consider making it a group effort. 

Group pricing for accommodations, airlines, and attractions are common, with discounts of up to 20 percent. People who have automobiles and are making the drive anyhow will ask if they have any available seats, and you will be able to pay for them. 

No doubt, it’s frequently less expensive than public transportation.

Use a Travel Credit Card

While on vacation, you may earn benefits while using a travel credit card.  Reduced vehicle rentals and free travel insurance are common features of many travel credit cards. 

Look for a card that suits your holiday needs the best, whether you want to save money on tickets or get points when you spend money on restaurants or entertainment.

Make sure you pay off your credit card if you're going to use one. To help you stick to your budget, most credit cards feature online banking apps that you can use to monitor your spending or limit your card if you go above your limit.

Book Last-minute Deals

If possible, grab a last-minute deal – DealBuddy’s travel search feature for flights, hotel and car-hire can be quite helpful to find these. It might require a little more flexibility on your part, but last-minute trips can make travel a lot lighter on your pocket.

Last-minute cruise, hotel, and airfare deals can mean leaving as soon as in a day after booking. You can benefit from other people cancelling at the last moment due to their personal or other reasons. Save even more by making sure to include a Saturday stay in your itinerary, since hotels prefer to book full weekends. And, if you do see a price and destination you love, grab it quick, since last-minute pricing can fluctuate heavily. 

Keep an Eye on Deals

By keeping an eye out for deals to the exact destination you want, you will never miss a sale and can travel on the cheap.

Since you don’t have time to scour the Internet for fare sales daily, sign up for travel alerts from websites like DealBuddy. Simply plug in where you’re from and where you want to go, and when a fare sale for that particular route surfaces, you get an email alert.


It’s always a challenge when your budget bites back while travel is something you and your family love to do. However, by adjusting compromising on few things, and rethinking what it means to travel, you might be able to find a little wiggle room in your finances. Regardless of what your social media feed tells you, travel doesn’t always have to be four-star resorts and top-notch dining. For some, the experience of exploring a new locale is enough or what about exploring your own neighbourhood, yep start with travelling local.